Caring for your Scarlet Robin Jewelry

Information can be empowering and will often set us free…but this post isn’t nearly as dramatic!  We simply want to pass on a friendly reminder about the plethora (love that word!) of information to be found on Scarlet Robin’s Help + Info page.  You can find out about our standard shipping time, how your order will be shipped, and even what steps to take for replacing a broken chain.  All wonderful information, right?  But if there is truly empowering content to be found, it would most certainly be the cleaning tips!  Still too much drama?  Okay.  Here is a quick recap:

* Store each piece in its own baggie with an anti-tarnish tab.
* Periodically wash jewelry with soap and warm water, then dry thoroughly.
* Pieces with only silver can be rubbed with #0000 steel wool to remove tarnish and restore the beautiful hand finished look.
* Copper, gold and bronze components have been sealed with a flexible and durable coating to protect them from wear.  Please avoid all polishing products.

Feel free to continue to wear your Scarlet Robin piece daily, heck, you can sleep with it if you want (we sure do).  Just be sure to give it a little TLC here and there to keep it luminous and beautiful.

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Happy cleaning!


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