A Little Bit Luxe.

luxe SR 2013 holiday selection jpegImagine working at Scarlet Robin.  Using your fabulous employee discount, what would you buy?  Well, we took stock of the things we reach for again and again.  Those pieces that go with everything, stand out without being flashy and, of course, bring some of part of those we love along with us to work each day.

Not surprisingly, our favorite pieces are those that required a bit of investment.  They are the heaviest, crafted with a clear sense of design, clean-cut and stylish.  We have been wearing them for years, as they are all either old Scarlet Robin classics, or spinoffs of the earliest designs.

Bloom Triplets can be personalized with an initial on each flower.
Choose your bead colors and personalize or not on the Stoplight Tag.
You’ll want to wear Favorite Everyday Tags well, every day.
The Name Banners on Ring are the newest hit around here!  Everyone loves them.

Which is your favorite?  Or is there another that you’re saving up for? Be sure to follow us around the web for frequent perks that can help you bring home the treasure more quickly!

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  1. I really love the name banners on a ring. It is an ideal way to carry names of loved ones close to the heart…literally!

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