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About The Scarlet Robin
Jenifer Gallagher and Jillian Anderson have built The Scarlet Robin focusing on the use of design to create jewelry that delivers a means of significant, personal self-expression.  Collaboration is a cornerstone of this bi-coastal team and they feel privileged to be realizing a long-held dream to develop and grow a creative business.

The Scarlet Robin hatched in early 2009.  Friends for over 25 years, these partners have perfected Gmail video chat and although Jen is in the DC suburbs, and Jill 2,500 miles away in the hills of Los Angeles, they run a tight ship and maintain a wonderful friendship.

Complementary expertise makes the Scarlet Robin management team run smoothly.  Jen is the metalsmith, while Jill is the graphic design genius who has crafted every aspect of the brand & website.  Every description, photo, piece of jewelry, jump ring, logo printed sticker and even the custom designed font used to stamp the metal were designed and produced in-house by one of the partners and their team.  Blessed wtih a growing company, and new eyes and hands on deck mean a website of even higher quality, more carefully designed jewelry, and that the company can maintain its trademark high level of personal customer service.

Scarlet Robin jewelry is highly unique and luxurious. Weighty silver and substantial copper or bronze components set a Scarlet Robin piece apart from the competition.  Each part of our designs features a special, trademark finish that conveys the distinctive softness and warmth of precious metal.  As each piece comes from the hands of master artisans, there is richness and integrity that only handcrafting can create.


Our Collections

We are frequently asked about the design process and inspiration for our jewelry.  Insights stem from shapes, words, or subjects that fascinate us.  Jen is the resident word-hound; a fascination with symbols, hearts, and flowers coupled with the never-ending style and people watching lead to current designs that often foreshadow trends.  Here is a peek at the stories of how our collections hatched.    

Heart Collection
The Love My Kids necklace launched our business from a small-booth craft operation to the multi-employee, large goal company we are today.  Born from Jenifer’s first experiments with metal shears in the earliest days of Scarlet Robin, this eye-catching piece features a domed hammered heart floating above a sterling silver disc available in oxidized copper, sterling silver, and gold plate.  The materials have improved, technique perfected and production streamlined to bring the highest quality and consistency to each necklace.  Love My Kids was originally designed to be personalized with the names of your loved ones hand-stamped on the silver disc.  We have expanded our designs to give voice to your words.  Express what matters most.

Flower Collection
There is a sweet simplicity found in the shape of a flower that withstands hammering, stamping and texturing.  Our collection began with the very popular First Bloom pendant; a sculpted copper beauty perched atop a silver disc and cradling a fat, solid silver nugget.  The flower fascination continues to bloom with a dimensional Nubby Flower, stylish Daisy Mae Cutout, and our ever-popular Spring Flower Initial Necklace.

Tag Collection
Scarlet Robin is a creator of things that give its wearers a voice.  The title of “word-hound” is a badge of honor in our studio.  Our jewelry speaks of loved ones, births, pets, happy occasions, loss, and everything in between.  You will find elements from each collection embellished with words for you to express what matters most.

Initials + Monograms
Simplify yourself to a single letter.  Wear your initial with style on a hammered flower, a sophisticated cutout, or with the understated elegance of a flower.  Better yet, grab the layered look and wear the initials of your kids, significant other, siblings, or pets.  Worn as a pendant or a charm on a bracelet, you can say a lot with a single letter.

Designs for this collection stem from shapes or subjects that capture our designers’ eyes.  Cutouts explore the playful relationship between the light and dark, dimensionality, texture, shapes, and negative space.  Combining elements from each Scarlet Robin collection, there is sure to be a shape for everyone.

Silicone Collection
We have a healthy addiction to silicone cords; the sole reason why this collection exists.  They are uber-comfortable, versatile, and excellent for layering with a chain.  Wear them to the beach, with a t-shirt and jeans, or with that little black dress!  Wear three or four end to end wrapped around your wrist…did we mention we have an addiction to silicone cords?

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