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A Little Bit Luxe.

luxe SR 2013 holiday selection jpegImagine working at Scarlet Robin.  Using your fabulous employee discount, what would you buy?  Well, we took stock of the things we reach for again and again.  Those pieces that go with everything, stand out without being flashy and, of course, bring some of part of those we love along with us to work each day.

Not surprisingly, our favorite pieces are those that required a bit of investment.  They are the heaviest, crafted with a clear sense of design, clean-cut and stylish.  We have been wearing them for years, as they are all either old Scarlet Robin classics, or spinoffs of the earliest designs.

Bloom Triplets can be personalized with an initial on each flower.
Choose your bead colors and personalize or not on the Stoplight Tag.
You’ll want to wear Favorite Everyday Tags well, every day.
The Name Banners on Ring are the newest hit around here!  Everyone loves them.

Which is your favorite?  Or is there another that you’re saving up for? Be sure to follow us around the web for frequent perks that can help you bring home the treasure more quickly!

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How Delicious. . .!



This baby is begging to be cradled.  The expressive hands, the eyes, the mouth, and the wee little legs!! I want to scoop her into my arms and take a walk, singing sweet little lullabies about her awesome mama with the magic knitting needles.

(The pic links to a free knitting pattern by Anna & Heidi Pickles.  If you can knit, by all means whip up this outfit for every new little sprout you know!)


Perfect Little Gifts

silicones on red holiday newsletter with numbers_edited-1I am one of those people who starts holiday shopping  right after school starts. So I lovelovelove to anticipate and knock out early all of the little gifts on my list.  Teachers, co-workers, friends, sisters-in-law, cousins…  Plus, if you have stockings to stuff on Christmas Eve, those nooks and crannies can be daunting to fill at the last minute.

Scarlet Robin silicone bracelets have proven themselves champion gifts. This fall brings new styles which we are excited to share:

1.  Triangle Monograms:  Adorable.  We are totally smitten with these.

2.  Square Personalized:  Variety!  Do you love the different ways the name can be stamped?

3.  Round Personalized:  The classic.  Did you know that for short names, you can request that the name be stamped across the center?  Also, you might observe a slight dome to the disc.  Also available upon request.

4.  Round Monogram:  The other classic.

5.  Half-Moon Personalized:  These are spectacular!  More silver, more streamlined, just fabulous.

6.  Little Square Monograms:  Standard, three-part monogram.  Been meaning to do this for quite some time, actually.

A set of bracelets can be a wonderful gift for one lucky recipient, or several individual gifts when boxed separately.  Do you want something a little in between two styles or sets you see?  Just ask!  Email, and we will work with you to create just the right assortment or style of bracelet for your gift list.



Family Tradition

One of the most sacred family traditions in our house is the making of waffles to celebrate important days.  Last night was the eve of the last day of school and definitely called for the full waffle extravaganza.

Mac made the batter, Daren manned the waffle iron and we sat down with ideas of eating 3-4 waffles each.  An entire container of whipped cream, more chocolate and caramel sauce than I care to admit to and a few neglected peaches later, we fell into bed in sugar comas and woke up late so that Mac missed the beginning of his last day ever at Lake Seneca Elementary School.  Happy Oops.

What is your favorite family tradition?

Americana Part 2: Inspiration

Coming up with design ideas for Scarlet Robin  jewelry is never a problem. Many of our designs were created because I wanted to see what I could do with the shears/saw/torch/stamps. Love My Kids was literally my first experiment with the shears. Swirly Locket was to see how much detail I could cut without making a mistake.

Inspiration is found in photography, fashion, doodles, quotes, textiles and, quite often, in suggestions made by customers. “You should make…” has preceded quite a few of our best-  selling pieces (including one that’s part of the       new collection!)

And then there are times when I just have a bee in my bonnet to design around a particular theme: i.e. Heath Ledger Americana.

I’ve always loved the symbolic imagery of patriotism from the original tri- cornered hat to the Capitol building.    I get choked up reading the Constitution and visiting living history museums.  Yep.  And there is so much beyond the patriotic that visually means America.

So for the better part of a year I’ve been gathering ideas on stickies, 4 or 5 legal pads, a couple of journals and an iPhone app. Images collect via Pinterest, Google and our cell phone cameras.  Follow our Americana board on Pinterest.*

The “intake” period is oh-so-fun, and really never stops.  It’s what feeds my creativity.  But eventually these scattered notes must be corralled.  We use Mindmeister maps to make sense of the craziness and watch patterns begin to emerge.  What images do you think are vital to an Americana collection?

*(Need an invitation to join Pinterest? Let us know via email ( and we will shoot you an invite) 

Coming soon: Americana Part Three: Winnowing the ideas.

Americana Part 1: How a Collection Evolves

There are several reasons to design jewelry collections (as opposed to just adding products willy nilly), such as the fact that it’s much easier for you, a shopper, to find what you’re looking for in a themed category. A big one for me, is that a collection can focus the bazillion ideas I’ve been kicking around for months. Boundaries are healthy, and lead to greatly improved productivity. (Have you noticed there are always challenges on Project Runway?!)

If you’ve ever wondered how a product you own went from idea to gift box, follow me in this multi-part series,  as our new Americana collection is born.

Coming soon: Americana Part 2: Inspiration

Making Memorial Day

At Scarlet Robin our motto is “Express What Matters Most.”  What matters most (to most of us!) are the people we spend time with. The ones we invest our time, energy and money into. And it is shared memories that bind us together and help us figure out and articulate what is most important.

Yesterday my kids and I went on a 3 hour guided bike tour of Washington DC’s monuments. This is our hometown, but biking the crowded streets as the sun went down was definitely a new twist on the standard downtown outing. Watching my children on their wobbly bikes navigate sidewalks crowded with Memorial Day tourists filled me with such warmth for their bravery. Running full-tilt up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial made me so grateful for the strong bodies our shared regular exercise gives us.  There was such pleasure in the day even though the tour started off stiflingly hot and ended in pouring rain. As I lay in bed last night, I scrolled through the dozens of pictures from the experience, and felt such clarity about what’s important to me. We love being together. 

The people who have died for our awesome country made memories with their families too.  Thomas Jefferson, George Washington & Martin Luther King had families that loved them.  Life is precious and no matter how little we possess, there is so much to be grateful for today.  Get out and make memories. Then take time to express what matters most!

Playing With Stamps

Mr. Grumpy

Motivation, Part One: Twitter.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Is there something that you really want?

I want Scarlet Robin to be as big as Texas. With an ever-increasing tenacity and passion. And because I need to sleep, and don’t know everything about everything, I need as much support, wisdom and motivation as I can get.

So after snoozing the alarm every morning, I lay in bed and read snippets from the entrepreneurs, business and life coaches, ministers, fitness experts and purveyors of inspiration that I follow on Twitter. When my 9 minute snooze is up, I am infinitely more in a frame of mind to make the day count.

I also wear tags with specific words on them that help me stay centered.  And the occasional week at Hilton Head helps in the motivation department as well :)

So tell us, what do you really, really want?  And how do you move toward it?  Leave a comment and share your own wisdom!

Thanks @GreatestQuotes on Twitter for the Zig Ziglar tweet above.


Kiyoko Kumai on Steel Wool

I fell head over heels in love with metal a few years back.  It was love at first every sense:  sight, touch, smell–I don’t even mind the taste of metal dust in my mouth at the end of a long day in the studio.  As with many great loves, I wasn’t looking to leave my previous medium of choice, paper, but I barely had time to apologize to my deliciously well-appointed paper studio before eloping with the torch and saw.

This phenomenon has happened to others I know as well.  Paulette stitches nearly invisible beads into crazily intricate patterns around tiny wooden balls. My father stacks a dozen types of rare wood and then turns breathtaking vessels from the block.  Every maker has a medium soul-mate out there.

So when I turned the corner in NYC’s Museum of Arts and Design and saw Kiyoko Kumai’s Sen Man Na Yu Ta, (which I call Steel Wool on the Wall), I laughed out loud.  (Alone, by the way).

And I further love the artist, Kiyoko Kumai, for saying here, “I have made what I like most from the materials that I like.”  No shame in loving the medium!  Check out other extraordinary explorations with steel on her fetchingly spare website.

One of the distinguishing features of a Scarlet Robin product is its brushed metal finish.  A tool in achieving that finish is little balls of steel wool–of which there are dozens floating around the studio at all times.

What’s your medium?  Words?  Cranberries?  Deep-knee bends? Throw it at us!