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Perfect Little Gifts

silicones on red holiday newsletter with numbers_edited-1I am one of those people who starts holiday shopping  right after school starts. So I lovelovelove to anticipate and knock out early all of the little gifts on my list.  Teachers, co-workers, friends, sisters-in-law, cousins…  Plus, if you have stockings to stuff on Christmas Eve, those nooks and crannies can be daunting to fill at the last minute.

Scarlet Robin silicone bracelets have proven themselves champion gifts. This fall brings new styles which we are excited to share:

1.  Triangle Monograms:  Adorable.  We are totally smitten with these.

2.  Square Personalized:  Variety!  Do you love the different ways the name can be stamped?

3.  Round Personalized:  The classic.  Did you know that for short names, you can request that the name be stamped across the center?  Also, you might observe a slight dome to the disc.  Also available upon request.

4.  Round Monogram:  The other classic.

5.  Half-Moon Personalized:  These are spectacular!  More silver, more streamlined, just fabulous.

6.  Little Square Monograms:  Standard, three-part monogram.  Been meaning to do this for quite some time, actually.

A set of bracelets can be a wonderful gift for one lucky recipient, or several individual gifts when boxed separately.  Do you want something a little in between two styles or sets you see?  Just ask!  Email, and we will work with you to create just the right assortment or style of bracelet for your gift list.



Push Gifts: $15-$13,000

Push gifts are the best idea ever.  It seems a small thing, and a really good idea, for a man who has NOT barfed 900 times incubating, to spend a month or two searching for the abso-freaking-lutely perfect gift for his baby mama.  Cause there was a difficult thing or two about pushing out my little monsters, I don’t know about yours.

More than once, I’ve received orders from new dads in the middle of the night for something like this:

Triple Stack Mom Heart Stamps






I know they are ordering from the hospital, because the time stamp on the order reads something like 3:58 a.m. with the birth date that same day.  Go Dad.

Here’s how that probably went down.  Mama sent Dad a link to exact gift desired.  Shortly after the birth, Dad is slowly emerging from the trauma caused by Mama’s epidural/contractions/pushing etc. and feeling both guilt about every petty thing he’s done during the entire gestational process, and profound gratitude.  At that moment, Mama can ask for Large Gift.

Jewelry is almost always the way to go.  But here are a few other ideas to definitely check out.  Don’t miss the peas in a pod photo prop!:

I would require an airline, an apartment in Paris, a live-in manny & an open account at the dermatologist’s as my next push gift package.  In other words, I’m done :)

Valentine Gift Guide

Time is the most valuable gift.  Yep, it’s true that when you (husband/boyfriend/best friend/mom/daughter) take the time to really listen to my boring rants about silver tubing that melts, you’re showing that you care.  Should you take the time, unprompted, to clean my car, your capital increases further.  But seriously, I still want a gift.  And I want a gift that took you some time to choose, and that reflects me, not you.  The thought of you spending time on my turf (the world of shopping) and scoring something awesome…bullseye.  Even if I send you a link loaded with hints, you still win—just for doing what I want.

So here are our picks (with input from a very picky teenager), for awe-inspiring Valentine love:

*For your mom/wife/daughter/human female, the new all-silver version of Love My Kids.

Silver Love My Kids







*For your grandmother/mom whose socks will fly off when she gets this with her grandbabies’ names on it.

Silver Stack with Heart







*For your husband/son/father who generally feels cheated on this day.  He definitely won’t with this on his breakfast plate (can also be not-personalized).

Mens Rectangular Silver Tab







*For a girl from about six years old through infinity, but especially revered by those cramming for exams in between Facebook chats.

Textured Square







*And now the inevitable segue to shoes:  This is for the woman who wears stilettos (or wishes she did) to Target.  On a Saturday morning.

Dramatic Fleur







*And this new lovely would bring a smile to that woman who owns more flip-flops than spoons, and wears them until January.  In Alaska.

Red Heart Window with Initial







*Even something for the Uggs throng.  Rustic, edgy-ish, completely original.

Rustic Copper Heart with Silver Balls








Here’s to my favorite holiday:  red & white, hearts and sugar.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Make it special!

(Order by 4 February for standard USPS or Priority shipping.  Express shipping required for orders placed on 5,6 or 7 February.  Assuming you’re looking for delivery by Valentine’s Day.  ‘Cause that would be best.)

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