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Perfect Little Gifts

silicones on red holiday newsletter with numbers_edited-1I am one of those people who starts holiday shopping  right after school starts. So I lovelovelove to anticipate and knock out early all of the little gifts on my list.  Teachers, co-workers, friends, sisters-in-law, cousins…  Plus, if you have stockings to stuff on Christmas Eve, those nooks and crannies can be daunting to fill at the last minute.

Scarlet Robin silicone bracelets have proven themselves champion gifts. This fall brings new styles which we are excited to share:

1.  Triangle Monograms:  Adorable.  We are totally smitten with these.

2.  Square Personalized:  Variety!  Do you love the different ways the name can be stamped?

3.  Round Personalized:  The classic.  Did you know that for short names, you can request that the name be stamped across the center?  Also, you might observe a slight dome to the disc.  Also available upon request.

4.  Round Monogram:  The other classic.

5.  Half-Moon Personalized:  These are spectacular!  More silver, more streamlined, just fabulous.

6.  Little Square Monograms:  Standard, three-part monogram.  Been meaning to do this for quite some time, actually.

A set of bracelets can be a wonderful gift for one lucky recipient, or several individual gifts when boxed separately.  Do you want something a little in between two styles or sets you see?  Just ask!  Email, and we will work with you to create just the right assortment or style of bracelet for your gift list.



Love My Kids

Love My Kids GoldOne of those kind of sappy songs from the 80s that made such an impression on my young mind was “Russians”. Pre-Perestroika, our youthful fears were of nuclear holocaust, and in this song Sting looks for hope by saying “I hope the Russians love their children too.”  Watch the You Tube video.

Loving our kids is perhaps the world’s most universal feeling. It’s without a doubt the most defining and driving force in my own life. Definitely worth saying.

Why shouldn’t love for our children also help us overcome petty differences in our days? In the end, getting down to what matters can be really useful. Of course the Russians love their children—that moment has passed, and others have come.

Express What Matters Most.