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Americana Collection Fall 2012: Sneak Peak

We are all kinds of excited over the preliminary images of our new Americana Collection for fall!  We just couldn’t resist sharing a couple with you. (These are very rough sketches made from copper.  Final versions will be mostly silver and, of course, polished to perfection!) Our new collection will be chock full of everything from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and – very exciting!! – new things for the men out there!  So what do you think?  Visit us on Facebook and weigh in.

Until next time – xo

Americana Part 1: How a Collection Evolves

There are several reasons to design jewelry collections (as opposed to just adding products willy nilly), such as the fact that it’s much easier for you, a shopper, to find what you’re looking for in a themed category. A big one for me, is that a collection can focus the bazillion ideas I’ve been kicking around for months. Boundaries are healthy, and lead to greatly improved productivity. (Have you noticed there are always challenges on Project Runway?!)

If you’ve ever wondered how a product you own went from idea to gift box, follow me in this multi-part series,  as our new Americana collection is born.

Coming soon: Americana Part 2: Inspiration

How to Wear Silicones

Scarlet Robin silicone bracelets are enormously popular with everyone from little girls to grammies. These stretchy, comfortable and durable black bracelets offer a modern take on classic charm bracelets, and are surprisingly versatile.

Here’s the DL on SR Silicones.

Q: What’s the best way to wear these bracelets?

A: While you certainly can wear each bracelet separately, we recommend snapping them end to end and wrapping as a continuous length. This allows for more flexibility in terms of conforming to your wrist’s precise size, prevents strain on the snaps and keeps the set together.

Q: Can I order silicone bracelets in multiple sizes?

A: The short answer is no. While our manufacturer only offers these in one size, there are ways to make the bracelets a bit larger if that’s what you need. By linking the bracelets end to end, you can create a bit more space throughout the set. If this doesn’t provide enough wiggle room, we can attach the charms to 16” silicones, which can then be double-wrapped as 8” bracelets. This solution has pleased many customers. With this option, we recommend adding sterling silver bead stops to hold the charms in place (see below).

Q: Is there any way to make the charms stay in the center of each bracelet?

A: During normal wear, the charms on these bracelets, whether single or multiple, migrate to the underside of the wrist, and congregate near the snaps. To make them stay on the stop of the wrist requires bead stops on either side of the charm set. We use sterling silver beads that wrap around the silicone, preventing the charms from sliding freely on the bands.

It’s purely personal preference whether you want the charms stationary or free-sliding. Our staff is about evenly split on the topic! I’m a definite yes.

Q: How do I put the bracelets on?

A: We recommend gently stretching the fully closed (snapped) bracelet over your hand, rather than open and closing the snap each time you put the bracelet on and off. As most customers wear more than one, we recommend snapping the bracelets end to end, wrapping your wrist in one continuous loop, then snapping the free ends. (see photos)

Q: Can I add more charms to a single bracelet?

A: Without adding the optional bead stops, we recommend no more than 3 charms (metal or bead), per bracelet. By adding 3 silver bead stops, 2 distinct segments are created, which can each hold 2 charms.

Q: How should I take care of the bracelets?

A: We generally tell customers that not much is required to care for these bracelets. We wear them running, at the beach, in the shower—for weeks at a time without removing them. However, it would be wise to use care when snapping and unsnapping the bracelets. If you put the bracelets on and off without using the clasps, be as gentle as you can when stretching the silicone.

To care for silver charms, use very fine steel wool to rub away tarnish as often as needed.


Love My Kids

Love My Kids GoldOne of those kind of sappy songs from the 80s that made such an impression on my young mind was “Russians”. Pre-Perestroika, our youthful fears were of nuclear holocaust, and in this song Sting looks for hope by saying “I hope the Russians love their children too.”  Watch the You Tube video.

Loving our kids is perhaps the world’s most universal feeling. It’s without a doubt the most defining and driving force in my own life. Definitely worth saying.

Why shouldn’t love for our children also help us overcome petty differences in our days? In the end, getting down to what matters can be really useful. Of course the Russians love their children—that moment has passed, and others have come.

Express What Matters Most.


oh baby! Our new baby bump necklace – OMG! So Cute!

This design has been brewing in our studio for quite some time!  We are thrilled beyond words how adorable it has turned out.  Okay, so we might be just a tad biased…okay, A LOT biased, but come on!  How freakin’ cute is it?

oh baby! is part of our new Spring 2012 collection and is available with your choice of a pink, blue, or pearl charm.  Plus, you can have the due date stamped on the back of the bottom disc.  So cute!