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Making Memorial Day

At Scarlet Robin our motto is “Express What Matters Most.”  What matters most (to most of us!) are the people we spend time with. The ones we invest our time, energy and money into. And it is shared memories that bind us together and help us figure out and articulate what is most important.

Yesterday my kids and I went on a 3 hour guided bike tour of Washington DC’s monuments. This is our hometown, but biking the crowded streets as the sun went down was definitely a new twist on the standard downtown outing. Watching my children on their wobbly bikes navigate sidewalks crowded with Memorial Day tourists filled me with such warmth for their bravery. Running full-tilt up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial made me so grateful for the strong bodies our shared regular exercise gives us.  There was such pleasure in the day even though the tour started off stiflingly hot and ended in pouring rain. As I lay in bed last night, I scrolled through the dozens of pictures from the experience, and felt such clarity about what’s important to me. We love being together. 

The people who have died for our awesome country made memories with their families too.  Thomas Jefferson, George Washington & Martin Luther King had families that loved them.  Life is precious and no matter how little we possess, there is so much to be grateful for today.  Get out and make memories. Then take time to express what matters most!