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Americana Collection Fall 2012: Sneak Peak

We are all kinds of excited over the preliminary images of our new Americana Collection for fall!  We just couldn’t resist sharing a couple with you. (These are very rough sketches made from copper.  Final versions will be mostly silver and, of course, polished to perfection!) Our new collection will be chock full of everything from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and – very exciting!! – new things for the men out there!  So what do you think?  Visit us on Facebook and weigh in.

Until next time – xo

Basic Chain Choices

Let me tell you that one of my favorite things to do is open a box from our chain supplier. There is something about the slinkiness, drapiness and luster of a silver chain that makes my heart beat a little faster. I love my job.

There are chains that show up time and again. Time-tested and worn by thousands of Scarlet Robin customers around the world, they are the all-time favorites. How a chain gets matched to a particular piece is just one of those mysterious unquantifiables that lurk in the domain of design.

Ball chains, of course, started out as the classic accompaniment to military dog tags. They started showing up in precious metal jewelry about 15 years ago, and their popularity has not waned. With good reason. Here are 5 reasons a ball chain deserves to be at the top: 1. Neither sweet nor edgy, it is insanely versatile. 2. It doesn’t tangle in your jewelry box. 3. Remarkably sturdy. 4. Holds a polish well, and is easy to clean. 5. Looks amazing in all sizes from teensy 1mm, to uber-pricey 4mm. Bonus: it doesn’t pull the baby hairs at the back of your neck. Favorites that use this chain are Fleur de Lis, Love My Kids in Silver, and I Really xoxo You.

Box chains feel so delicious it’s hard to explain. Other than snake chains, which essentially thread the long hairs on the nape of my neck*, nothing has an equivalent drape. They have a very particular presence of their own, and so don’t show up as often as I would like. The thinnest version is extremely versatile, as well as highly durable. (*If you’ve never had your eyebrows threaded, good for you.) Box chains can be found on the Micro Pop-up Heart.

Rope chains are the luxury standard of our house of design. They bring undeniable elegance and weight to whatever they hold and so are generally used on more substantial pieces. Both sizes convey richness and this style is a definite studio favorite. It graces two of our most popular necklaces the Pop-up Heart Shelli Stack and Silver Triple Stack.

Twisted Serpentine. Fun and sparkly and girly, this is a terribly charming chain. We come back to it time and again and personally use it on just about everything! It’s delicate without disappearing; sparkly without triteness and complementary to just about anything fairly lightweight. Love. See it on our First Bloom Necklace the Silver Half-shell Monogram.

Although we have ideas about what chains look best with certain pieces, we are open to your input, and are happy to help find the perfect chain for you!


January Birthstone

January. All about hope and fresh starts. Who isn’t on their best behavior this month? The sense that there is business to be done pervades everything. Plans abound and optimism reigns. Our co-founder (and more importantly my best friend, Jill) was born in January, plus its garnet birthstone is my favorite color—red.

Birthstone: I love it when word derivations make sense and this one does. The Greek word for pomegranate seed is “granatum” and that’s exactly what garnets look like! Juicy, deep and oh so alluring. Garnets were included in amulets worn to fend off the plague, and are said to attract health as well as protect the wearer against lightning strikes. Finally a preventive for lightning! This stone is not very rare, although most brought out of the ground isn’t gem-quality and ends up on sandpaper. Scarlet Robin uses natural garnets. We look for the highest quality, most interestingly shaped stones we can find, and use those with the richest color in a reasonably priced bead.

The availability of natural gemstones varies greatly, and the shape of garnet shown above is not necessarily what you will receive. We do our best to offer consistent quality, and to obtain the best color possible at reasonable cost.

oh baby! Our new baby bump necklace – OMG! So Cute!

This design has been brewing in our studio for quite some time!  We are thrilled beyond words how adorable it has turned out.  Okay, so we might be just a tad biased…okay, A LOT biased, but come on!  How freakin’ cute is it?

oh baby! is part of our new Spring 2012 collection and is available with your choice of a pink, blue, or pearl charm.  Plus, you can have the due date stamped on the back of the bottom disc.  So cute!


Emails from our Customers, Questions and Answers

We welcome any and all emails from our customers.  Among our favorites are the ones that contain phrases like ‘my wife was thrilled’ or ‘you exceeded my expectations, thank you’.  What may be surprising are the number of emails exchanged to get to that point.  So we thought it was time to start sharing the most common questions and their answers.  We hope this not only saves you time but gives you the knowledge you need for ordering something that will be treasured.

Question: “Mini double stack love my kids necklace: Is it possible to have 6 lower case letters on the smaller disc? From the picture it appears that there would be enough room.”

Answer:  We receive this question quite often regarding many of our personalized pieces.  The first thing to remember is that photos can be deceiving.  We do our best to fit as many characters on a piece as humanly possible, however there are always exceptions.  Sometimes we can eek out enough space to add another letter if the name contains ‘skinny’ letters.  Skinny letters such as i’s, l’s, and t’s take up less space than ‘fat’ letters like m’s, b’s, and g’s.  So ‘jillian’ will take up less space than ‘braydon’.

If you know you are dealing with a name chock full of ‘fat’ letters, don’t be dismayed.  Many of our designs have the option to add a name on a second (or third) disc or come in a couple different sizes.  Remember, you can always contact us through our Facebook page or by dropping us an email at info@thescarletrobin.com.  The awesome folks in customer service will gladly point you in the right direction!

We look forward to making you something special!

Jenifer + Jillian