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Help + Info

Each piece of Scarlet Robin jewelry is unique. We believe in maintaining the integrity of each design, but reserve for our artisans the right to make slight accommodations and improvements to individual pieces. The piece you receive might be slightly different than what you see in the product listing photo, in terms of letter placement, texture, location of drilled hole, style of gemstone or even chain used. Every change will be made in an effort to upgrade your piece.

Our birthstone charms are made from precious stones and Swarovski crystals.  Please know that the actual charm with your order may vary from the product image depending on availability.

All personalized pieces are made to order and ship within three to four weeks via USPS, in a beautiful gift box. 

For information about wholesale orders, please contact us.


Caring for your Scarlet Robin Jewelry

All jewelry needs a bit of care to remain luminous over time. Here are some tips:

* Store each piece in its own baggie with an anti-tarnish tab.
* Periodically wash jewelry with soap and warm water, then dry thoroughly.
* Pieces with only silver can be rubbed with #0000 steel wool to remove tarnish and restore the beautiful hand finished look.

Your copper, gold plated piece, or the copper/gold portion of your jewelry (not including the chain), has been sealed with a flexible and durable coating that will protect it from oxidation. The coating should protect the finish through years of normal wear. Avoiding the use of all polishing products, including cloths, liquids and pastes will prolong its effectiveness. A soft cloth with mild soap and water can be safely used to removed surface residue accumulated during everyday wear.   A note about Scarlet Robin gold: after hand crafting each component, we work with another artisan who plates them with 24 karat gold. All other gold parts are made of gold-fill: chains, pins with which bead charms are constructed and rings holding pieces together. Gold-filled chains will stand up to years of daily wear, and can be gently polished with jewelry cleaning cloths.

We are always happy to restore your jewelry for you at a reasonable cost.  Contact us for more information.

What do I do when the copper parts of my jewelry start to turn dark?  

If you've ever noticed what happens to a penny, it gets dark very quickly.  Copper is a highly reactive metal, which means that it tarnishes literally within minutes of contact with air.  We coat it with a polymer which greatly slows this oxidation process, but can't hold it off forever.  The coating can get microscopic fissures, which grow with abrasion, letting in air which leads to oxidation.  Moisture makes it worse, so it will increase over time now that it's gotten started.  Fortunately, it's a fairly simple process to fix, and one that you can do yourself, or that we can do for you for a small fee.

Here's the DIY rundown.  Use nailpolish remover to remove the coating, which is really quite similar to nailpolish.  You'll feel it liquify and start to come off and you should be able to tell when it's all removed.  

Next, use super fine steel wool, or a green scotch brite pad to remove the tarnish (just rub it in circles--you don't have to be gentle--it's metal!).  It's not going to hurt the silver, and will actually shine up the silver as well.  #0000 steel wool is the last thing to touch the metal in our studio, silver included, so feel free to go over the silver as well--you'll be happy you did.  After it's clean, wash with soap and water and dry.  Finally, you can re-seal the copper with clear nail polish.  Keep nail polish off the silver by keeping the pieces perfectly flat while you seal them and let the first coat dry for 24 hours before adding a second coat.  Then let the pieces rest for 3 days before wearing them again. That should get you another couple of years.  

Any cloudy residue can also be removed from your Scarlet Robin gold with nailpolish remover.  However, do not use any type of abrasive on the gold!  It can also be re-sealed with clear nail-polish.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to return the pieces to us and we'll clean them up, re-seal the copper and send them back looking good as new, for just $10 plus shipping.  You can download the Return/Exchange form just a little further down on this page!

Caring for Scarlet Robin Brass

While brass is not as reactive to air as copper, it nonetheless darkens over time.  We love the look of aged brass, and create our designs with the aging process in mind.  Caring for your brass pieces is simple, and can be done using household materials.

When you notice the metal turning dark, and find it displeases you, use super-fine steel wool, such as #0000, to rub the portions of brass that you wish to highlight.  You may choose to restore only the portion around personalization, leaving the rest to develop a natural patina.  This will create an interesting and unique contrast that will increase in depth and beauty with time.  After rubbing with steel wool, simply wash the piece in warm water with soap, and it will be good as new.  

We use high-quality brass-plated copper chain, which is more durable and lovely than base metal options used by many jewelers.  The plating has been coated, and should not be treated with any metal cleaner or abrasive.  Swarovski crystals, pearls and stones also should be avoided with abrasives.

Return & Exchange Policy

We want you to be happy with all purchases you make from Scarlet Robin, and to make your shopping experience pleasant at every turn. Eligible items may be returned within 30 days of order and a refund will be issued upon return receipt of the piece in its original condition. The purchase price of the merchandise will be credited back to your original method of payment. At the time of order you may wish to purchase shipping insurance. Any insured item lost (as confirmed by Scarlet Robin) during shipping will be refunded or replaced, where possible. In the case of a defect that did not occur during shipping, it will be fixed at no charge. Items damaged in shipping from Scarlet Robin will be replaced or refunded only if additional insurance was purchased by you and the original item is returned, together with the damaged packaging.

Gift recipients are entitled to a nonrefundable merchandise credit and will be refunded in the form of another card and mailed to your billing address. If you paid with a gift card or code, a new card or code will be issued for the amount of the credit and emailed or mailed to you. A credit will post to your account approximately 4 business days after the date of processing. Credit card refunds should be reflected on your billing statement within 1 billing cycle.

Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL on custom made or personalized products. Orders cannot be changed or canceled once they have been placed, and your credit card is charged upon order rather than at time of shipping. For this reason, we require that all personalization and custom order requests include a written accounting of your specifications before work commences. Unfortunately we cannot assume responsibility for mistakes made at the time of order, or for a change of preference. Please carefully review your custom request before submitting your order.

Items returned 30 to 90 days after date of purchase can be exchanged or a gift card will be issued in the amount of your refund. Please note the following conditions may apply:

*If your merchandise arrived damaged please keep the original box and damaged merchandise for inspection
*Defective item claims are subject to review and inspection
*Returns of non-defective items must be in as-new condition. Shipping & Handling is non-refundable.
*Wholesale and large quantity purchases may be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Please contact Customer Service with any questions.
*Returns should be shipped in the original box or a sturdy substitute.

It is recommended that the package be returned to us insured by the carrier. Items lost or damaged during return shipping will not be refunded or replaced.

Scarlet Robin is not responsible for any merchandise returned in a non-padded envelope or otherwise inadequately packaged.

Scarlet Robin is not responsible for customer returns that are not received.  A completed Return Form must accompany all returns and exchanges.  No exceptions.  Package will be returned COD if a Return Form is not included.  Download a return form.

Address for Returns:
Attn: Returns
The Scarlet Robin
PO Box 1274
Germantown, MD 20874


Replacing a Broken Chain

Unfortunately, chains can break.  If your chain breaks within 30 days of receiving your order, we will replace it for free, no questions asked.  If your chain breaks within 31-90 days of receiving your order, we will replace it for a small processing fee (often $10-$20).  After 90 days if you require a new chain, it will be replaced at full price.  Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.