getting ready

I mentioned there will be a Facebook Live event. Wednesday, 5 December, 2018 7-9 pm EST. Please join me on the Scarlet Robin page (details will follow when I figure it out!) where Mac and I will be talking about his guitar string project and new Scarlet Robin and some other things we’ve been thinking about.

a lot of making.

General household mayhem and chaos. More mess, less tidying up. #morefunifyouaskmeandmac

After the making comes the taking of pictures. EXACTLY like with selfies, it takes approximately 973 pictures to get those great product shots that I really hope you like as much as I do. And theennn the writing of product descriptions and creating the listings on the website and Facebook stores.

All of this general mayhem and chaos results in:

jewelry castings box.jpeg

box of goodness

fruits of our labor

Also resulting? Many insulting stares and even some hisses from Mr. Condescending-pants, aka Finn on the left. Grace knows how to pose and uses the soft lighting of the Christmas tree to enhance her cuteness. Until she decides to eat the light.

Facebook Live with Jen

I don’t really know what it means yet, but I’m going to be hosting a Scarlet Robin Facebook Live event next Wednesday, December 5 from 7-9 pm EST.  

Let’s hope it’s a good hair day.

Let’s hope it’s a good hair day.

In my head this means I get to play QVC with my friend Mimi and Trusty Sidekick Mac on some kind of live feed thing.  This sounds fun, so I’m in.

The part that makes me most excited about this Facebook Live event is that some of you will show up and talk to us in real time. XOXO -jen

A Good Bet

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  But first, a story (Of course. Remember who you’re talking to here.) This year I went to China with my trusty sidekick, Mac.  

mac on plane to china.jpeg

Trusty Sidekick

He loved the airplane food.

Mostly we went for the waterparks,


but we stumbled on some tea plantations.


Let’s talk about this tea for a moment.  Put down your coffee mug and try this tea:  龙金茶. (ok, Long Jin Cha if your Mandarin is rusty). It’s green tea rolled by hand in these giant roasting pans.  Really, each leaf is rolled by hand into a little log that looks kind of like a bug. It smells amazing while roasting.  Not as good as the fresh tea bushes in the mountain plantations, but close.


Next? Lean in close to hear this one: S I L K.


I’m going to tell you right now that you need to be sleeping in silk.  All year long. You also need to give away your shirts that aren’t silk (you can keep the cashmere) and get on this bandwagon.

Here’s the secret: I would consider putting some money into Chinese tea and silk.  I think they are going to catch on.


Game On.

Ok, let’s be real.  My primary relationship with the game Monopoly is (and always has been) an intense fascination with the game pieces.


As the idea of 3D charms percolated in my brain over the years, the benchmark was always, “Upgraded Monopoly charms, sterling.”

Friends, we’ve done it.  Now you too can have a deliciously heavy sterling silver whale on a nice, long chain to fiddle with during meetings.  Or a dear, dear narwhal to wear, or to watch over you.

These are the game pieces you always wanted.

Tell us—which would you pick as your game piece?

guitar string bracelets!

As I mentioned earlier, Mac is a creator by nature.  He is also a really good guitar player. Humbling.


Look at these!  Mac makes these from new or recycled guitar strings.  


These bracelets cut no corners.  He finishes off the ends (with cashmere sweaters in mind ;) and obsessively checks that strings will not catch delicate fibers.

Guys--they are beautiful.  Even if you don’t play the guitar, this bangle is clever, well-priced and great looking.  And made by this sweet young man.

Mama Robin launches fledgling entrepreneur.  Be still my heart.

Heart of a Maker

For moms out there, can we agree that the moments our kids show initiative and drive are among the best?  Y’all know (as Mac would say) that his cooking/baking have been sustaining this household for quite some time.  He has the hands and heart of a maker and wouldn’t you just know it, apparently he’s got the entrepreneur bug as well!?

Another day I’ll write about how he built this guitar.  Yep. And then taught himself to play it with YouTube videos and apps.  Yep.


Most common remark from friends about Mac:  “Send him over to my house!”


Recurring thought of mine these days: “Oh good gracious, he’s growing up so fast.”  But WOW, I digress.

Let’s talk about what the boy is making now.  

Meet me across the aisle

Jill and I are on opposite sides of the aisle. (Not politically; lord knows you can’t be friendly with anyone across THAT aisle! Hi mom :)

It happened like this. Walking purposefully (cause that’s my gig) down the corridor of Tyson’s Corner mall I recently felt myself being pulled toward the windows of Arhaus. It’s easy for me to lose hours at these particular displays. When I turned around, right across the hall was a West Elm. I actually laughed out loud.

Jill=West Elm

Arhaus=ADD-stuffed-to-the-gills decorating & stupidly comfortable living.


West Elm=clean, specific, thought out & way cool living.

I recognize that by publicly acknowledging this, I am opening myself for snickery. Clearly Jill is further evolved in her taste. But sometimes we like what we like, you know? How we manage to combine these disparate aesthetics and grow our design-related business together is pretty interesting, and there is much influence to be seen in both directions.

So now I spend a lot of time in West Elm, and Jill has learned to lightly embrace the wacky excess of Arhaus.

Plus, we both love Anthropologie :)


Au Revoir 2010, and we’d like to thank… Part 2

Holy Guacamole I’ve fallen in love. These four products have changed my life, Jill’s life and put Scarlet Robin into hundreds of homes.


*Backstory: invented in my parents’ kitchen in April 2009. Cause I really like hearts (big surprise there) and couldn’t wait to use my metal shears. Sold 5 or 6 in May of that year, and by Christmas 2010, over 250 :) Sorry to those early buyers—I’ve gotten a lot better at making it.

*Catapult: Sabrina James, lifestyle editor at Babytalk Magazine, featured Love My Kids with the name Zofia in the Mother’s Day issue. Love you Sabrina!

*Funny story: Jill got new kittens this year. One of them is named Zofia.


*Backstory: everyone who does what I do makes a double stack necklace with names. Mine had to be different, plus I love copper almost as much as silver. Plus I love my torch and saw


*Backstory: I first made this for Shelli Hill, who was looking for something a little more snazzy than Grandbabies Stack. Thank you Shelli, this is an awesome piece! And it comes on an ultra-delicious rope chain. This is one of my favorite things to make as well. All around awesome!


*Backstory: In my never-ending quest for novelty, I came across these bracelets at Joann. I bought every single pack they had for months. Then Joann renovated and stopped carrying them. Now oddly, I get these from Online Science Mall.

*Backstory Two: I first made these with phrases in November 2009, and promptly sold dozens in that holiday season. Always my biggest seller at shows, Jamie from [Certifikid], chose these for a promotion the weekend after Thanksgiving 2010. Hello 24/7 tumbler usage and sore fingers from polishing 1/2” discs :)

Awesome comment to end our year: a customer (non-local) reported being at a gathering where another guest commented “Is that necklace Scarlet Robin? I love their things!” HOT DIGGITY AND DOG.

Au revoir 2010... Part 1


At year’s end, it’s only

right to inaugurate this blog with an enormous Thank you to our incredible customers. During 2010 I have come to feel like many of you are my friends: Why?

Your stories! I’ve laughed out loud, gotten a lump in my throat, and been seriously impressed by your creativity/tenacity/compassion & sass (totally underutilized word, btw).

The names you’ve chosen for your offspring are aMAzing! I stamped over 300 unique names this year. Yep, non-repeating-unique.

I’m constantly reminded of the Big Things in life, and that’s a good thing. Birth, marriage, friendship. It’s been particularly

fun to work with the men choosing pieces for wives/new mothers. So adorable to hear the excitement in your emails cause you know you will score major points with this purchase.

Imagining my life in different settings is tremendously entertaining for me. In my mind, I’ve spent time all over the world this year. And our country is SO BIG!

XOXO my lifeblood! -Jen Gallagher**