Au Revoir 2010, and we’d like to thank… Part 2

Holy Guacamole I’ve fallen in love. These four products have changed my life, Jill’s life and put Scarlet Robin into hundreds of homes.


*Backstory: invented in my parents’ kitchen in April 2009. Cause I really like hearts (big surprise there) and couldn’t wait to use my metal shears. Sold 5 or 6 in May of that year, and by Christmas 2010, over 250 :) Sorry to those early buyers—I’ve gotten a lot better at making it.

*Catapult: Sabrina James, lifestyle editor at Babytalk Magazine, featured Love My Kids with the name Zofia in the Mother’s Day issue. Love you Sabrina!

*Funny story: Jill got new kittens this year. One of them is named Zofia.


*Backstory: everyone who does what I do makes a double stack necklace with names. Mine had to be different, plus I love copper almost as much as silver. Plus I love my torch and saw


*Backstory: I first made this for Shelli Hill, who was looking for something a little more snazzy than Grandbabies Stack. Thank you Shelli, this is an awesome piece! And it comes on an ultra-delicious rope chain. This is one of my favorite things to make as well. All around awesome!


*Backstory: In my never-ending quest for novelty, I came across these bracelets at Joann. I bought every single pack they had for months. Then Joann renovated and stopped carrying them. Now oddly, I get these from Online Science Mall.

*Backstory Two: I first made these with phrases in November 2009, and promptly sold dozens in that holiday season. Always my biggest seller at shows, Jamie from [Certifikid], chose these for a promotion the weekend after Thanksgiving 2010. Hello 24/7 tumbler usage and sore fingers from polishing 1/2” discs :)

Awesome comment to end our year: a customer (non-local) reported being at a gathering where another guest commented “Is that necklace Scarlet Robin? I love their things!” HOT DIGGITY AND DOG.