Au revoir 2010... Part 1


At year’s end, it’s only

right to inaugurate this blog with an enormous Thank you to our incredible customers. During 2010 I have come to feel like many of you are my friends: Why?

Your stories! I’ve laughed out loud, gotten a lump in my throat, and been seriously impressed by your creativity/tenacity/compassion & sass (totally underutilized word, btw).

The names you’ve chosen for your offspring are aMAzing! I stamped over 300 unique names this year. Yep, non-repeating-unique.

I’m constantly reminded of the Big Things in life, and that’s a good thing. Birth, marriage, friendship. It’s been particularly

fun to work with the men choosing pieces for wives/new mothers. So adorable to hear the excitement in your emails cause you know you will score major points with this purchase.

Imagining my life in different settings is tremendously entertaining for me. In my mind, I’ve spent time all over the world this year. And our country is SO BIG!

XOXO my lifeblood! -Jen Gallagher**