Meet me across the aisle

Jill and I are on opposite sides of the aisle. (Not politically; lord knows you can’t be friendly with anyone across THAT aisle! Hi mom :)

It happened like this. Walking purposefully (cause that’s my gig) down the corridor of Tyson’s Corner mall I recently felt myself being pulled toward the windows of Arhaus. It’s easy for me to lose hours at these particular displays. When I turned around, right across the hall was a West Elm. I actually laughed out loud.

Jill=West Elm

Arhaus=ADD-stuffed-to-the-gills decorating & stupidly comfortable living.


West Elm=clean, specific, thought out & way cool living.

I recognize that by publicly acknowledging this, I am opening myself for snickery. Clearly Jill is further evolved in her taste. But sometimes we like what we like, you know? How we manage to combine these disparate aesthetics and grow our design-related business together is pretty interesting, and there is much influence to be seen in both directions.

So now I spend a lot of time in West Elm, and Jill has learned to lightly embrace the wacky excess of Arhaus.

Plus, we both love Anthropologie :)