A Good Bet

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  But first, a story (Of course. Remember who you’re talking to here.) This year I went to China with my trusty sidekick, Mac.  

mac on plane to china.jpeg

Trusty Sidekick

He loved the airplane food.

Mostly we went for the waterparks,


but we stumbled on some tea plantations.


Let’s talk about this tea for a moment.  Put down your coffee mug and try this tea:  龙金茶. (ok, Long Jin Cha if your Mandarin is rusty). It’s green tea rolled by hand in these giant roasting pans.  Really, each leaf is rolled by hand into a little log that looks kind of like a bug. It smells amazing while roasting.  Not as good as the fresh tea bushes in the mountain plantations, but close.


Next? Lean in close to hear this one: S I L K.


I’m going to tell you right now that you need to be sleeping in silk.  All year long. You also need to give away your shirts that aren’t silk (you can keep the cashmere) and get on this bandwagon.

Here’s the secret: I would consider putting some money into Chinese tea and silk.  I think they are going to catch on.