Growing Up

Every week during lunch bunches, my students pore over old yearbooks, endlessly mocking earlier versions of themselves and their friends.  I marvel at their capacity for revisionism, but remember being embarrassed in my youth by earlier iterations of myself.

Growth is one of the greatest miracles we ever experience.  Pregnancy and birth anyone? Gardening is amazing. What I’m thinking about now is the growth and change of my little company. Comparing these two whale pendants is a good witness of that evolution.

From the beginning I wanted 3D animal charms, but Scarlet Robin didn’t have what it took to make them.  The cutout series was great. I loved the animal cutouts and they sold well; they were a legit stepping stone. The whale cutout was my favorite. But I always wanted fully dimensional charms.

Then this happened

A beautiful whale was born.

This 3D whale just kills me.  It is what I’ve always wanted.  It feels like the seeds I planted ten years ago have finally sprouted into these beautiful little whales (and other animals!).  The long years of nurturing a sometimes recalcitrant small business have resulted in the products of my dreams.

I’m excited by the potential that a little maturity has brought to Scarlet Robin.  I don’t even know--do you think it’s possible that ten more years could bring to reality the other dreams I have for SR?

Stay tuned ;)