small business owner

getting ready

I mentioned there will be a Facebook Live event. Wednesday, 5 December, 2018 7-9 pm EST. Please join me on the Scarlet Robin page (details will follow when I figure it out!) where Mac and I will be talking about his guitar string project and new Scarlet Robin and some other things we’ve been thinking about.

a lot of making.

General household mayhem and chaos. More mess, less tidying up. #morefunifyouaskmeandmac

After the making comes the taking of pictures. EXACTLY like with selfies, it takes approximately 973 pictures to get those great product shots that I really hope you like as much as I do. And theennn the writing of product descriptions and creating the listings on the website and Facebook stores.

All of this general mayhem and chaos results in:

jewelry castings box.jpeg

box of goodness

fruits of our labor

Also resulting? Many insulting stares and even some hisses from Mr. Condescending-pants, aka Finn on the left. Grace knows how to pose and uses the soft lighting of the Christmas tree to enhance her cuteness. Until she decides to eat the light.